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I work in Crossref Labs, where I do research and development of new products and services in scholarly publishing.

I'm particularly interested in how articles are mentioned across the web. I'm Technial Lead for the Crossref Event Data service. You can read the CED user guide here. I think you'll find it interesting.

I write things on the Crossref Blog.

I contributed to the Altmetrics NISO Code of Conduct.

I also stick my nose into citation things at Wikipedia and Clinical Trials metadata.

On My Blog

Music, bees, boats, something about is to do on the computer. You know.

On Twitter


I tweet about 40% work, 40% bees. The rest is left to chance.

But don't let that put you off. There's a 75% chance you'll enjoy 80% of it.

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My profile

I used to ask a lot of questions. Then I answered a lot of questions. Now I ask a lot of questions. I used to know what my reputation score was.

On Github

Nearly everything I do at work is open source.

I wrote a MIDI file parser in Go once. And Rust. I prefer Rust.



Everyone should have an ORCID ID therefore I should have an ORCID ID.

Oxford Geek Nights

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I've got mixed up in

The Bagpipe Society

I'm on the committee of the Bagpipe Society. I'm responsible for its web presence.

Skint Festival

I'm on the commitee of Skint Festival.

Skint is a low-cost weekend of music and dance from across Europe. Workshops, sessions, bals, lovely food, friendly atmosphere in beautiful countryside nearby.

I must claim responsibility for

A search engine for traditional tunes. Type in a few notes to find that tune you forgot the name of.

my blog

A bit of everything, mostly.

my wedding phtoos

A weekend to last a lifetime.

The online presence of the Bagpipe Society. How many organisations can claim a site that goes back 30 years?

Absolute nonense.

I am interested in


I give shelter to a colony of bees and sometimes write things about them. Sometimes I feed them. Sometimes they feed me.

traditional music of Scandinavia, France and England

I play squeezeboxes, harmonium and bagpipes. I'm in the trio Coldharbour along with Hinny Wass and Matt Coatsworth. We have played at the last two Folk Weekend Oxford festivals.