Joe Wass


I live in Oxford, UK. I'm into building software, traditional music, and bees.

I don't really do social media any more, but you can find me at on Mastodon.

My email is


I'm interested in scholarly metadata, particularly open scholarly infrastructure, having spent the past decade at Crossref. I recently wrote this piece about how the software development team makes technical decisions and how they are documented in the context of building and maintaining open scholarly infrastructure.

Although it's a little out of date, I've discussed some of my thinking about open metadata for metrics in this blog post.

It's not all too serious.

You can find me on LinkedIn.


I run, a search engine for folk tunes. I've been running this since 2008 in one form or another.

My Blog is mostly full of nonsense, with the occasional fun project.

I'm a volunteer beekeeper at Oxford City Farm. It's worth a visit if you're in Oxford!

I run the website for the Bagpipe Society, and am on the committee. Everyone should know about the breadth and diversity of bagpipes!